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Getting Started

Arlanora is an RPG with a twist, we allow you to take control of all your party members in real time combat.


You control your selected character with the WASD keys. All other party members follow the focused character by default, but can also follow different targets depending on the role (Paradigm) they have set, moving towards enemies when on Attack and sticking near the nearest ally when on Defence.


Every character has a basic move which is carried out by pressing the Left Mouse Button.

Each character also has their own set of abilities that are unlocked from within the Ability Tree, accessible from the bottom of the HUD.

To use abilities press the number keys that correspond with the abilities set (shown at the top of the HUD).


In Arlanora you interact with objects in the world such as NPCs and gateways to new areas using the Right Mouse Button. This is also carried over the the HUD where it's elements are interacted with using the Right Mouse Button.

Just like almost any RPG, you interact with NPCs for dialogue, quests or even to trade with them.

You can interact with objects such as Work Benches, Alchemy Tables or Anvils, which are important to craft items.

Pick up items from your inventory, using Right Click and then Right Click again over a chosen party member to use the item on them.


What would an RPG be without it's story?

Arlanora's dialogue instances show the speaker both using the in-game camera to focus on them and their name tag during dialogue.

You can skip through dialogue by simply clicking again.

Often dialogue will come to you making a choice, simply click the choice to make your decision.