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Basic attack

You carry out the basic move that all characters have by pressing Left Click.

These moves vary between characters and can be the bread and butter for some characters and near useless for others who have much more powerful abilities.



Abilities are moves that are unlocked in the Ability Tree.

Each character has their own unique ability tree and abilities along with it.

Abilities are carried out by pressing the number keys (1-5). these numbered slots are set in the Ability Tree.

Abilities use up the character's energy source, so need more thought when using them.

Often other members of the party compliment an ability set and can work together with their abilities to achieve victory.



A strong party composition is ideal.

Your party works best when they are working together. Some characters are best as healers/ buffers and can aid other party members while others stand as the front-most protection to the party, fighting the front-lines.

You can set your party members roles called Paradigms. These are split into 3 groups: Attack, Defence and Follow.

Attack: The party member will go all out on their nearest enemy, using abilities that they have to cause harm.

Defence: The party member will follow their nearest ally and stick by them while using abilities that can aid the party, such as healing or buffing.

Follow: The party member will ignore enemies unless the enemy is within basic attack range and will instead try to stick with the focused party member.